Yoked With Christ

In many “State Fairs” in our Nation, they still have competitions in which workhorses compete. The beautiful Clydesdale breed has always been one of the strongest horses. In these competitions, competitors made an interesting discovery. A single horse could pull a heavy load, but when yoked with another horse, together, they could pull more than the sum of the amount that each horse could pull alone.

For instance, let’s say a single Clydesdale can pull a sled holding two tons of weight; and another Clydesdale can pull three tons. You would think that when yoked together, the most they could pull would be five tons. But in reality, when these two horses are yoked together, they can actually pull seven tons! It’s called synergy. Two pulling together can accomplish more than the sum of the two parts.Now apply that principle to the yoke of Christ. You can try bearing the heavy load yourself, but Jesus invites you to join Him inside His yoke. Think about how much strength He has! Remember that first song you learned as a child? “Jesus loves me, this I know; for the Bible tells me so; little ones to Him belong, they (we) are weak but He is strong!”

Pastor Bob

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