On a Mission for God

Brothers and Sisters, we live in a world where, everyone is offended by something and some people are offended by everything. Society tells us, as Christians, that we should not be “pushing” our beliefs on others. “Society Be Damned!” I mean that both figuratively and literally. Satan has pushed his agenda to the point where civil discussion on controversial topics is impossible.

So, what are we to do? We must push aside this “etiquette of hell” and get busy fulfilling God’s commission to take the “Good News” to the world, even if they don’t want to hear it. Our willingness to be “true disciples” carries with it the responsibility to “speak to other’s souls.” If not from us, how will they learn of Jesus Christ and His saving grace? The Scriptures tell us that these “lost souls” will eternally perish unless they have faith in Christ. So, how many have you prayed for? How many has your heart ached or been broken for? Do you not believe that they must love Christ or be damned? How many have you ever talked to concerning Christ’s atoning sacrifice? Are you satisfied to turn away and to just remain silent? Are you content to let those around you sink to hell? Really? Are you to afraid, or just unwilling to share Christ’s love? So then, what of the Hope of Salvation? Can this be right? In God’s name let the church wake up and fulfill it’s MISSION!

Pastor Bob

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